Ben Barnes Offers You His Heart in ’11:11′ Music Video

Ben Barnes never fails to be charming. Just think of his recent turn as the Darkling in Shadow and Bone. And lest we forget his heroic Prince Caspian. But now, he’s dashing to the max in his new music video for “11:11.” And so much of that comes down to the earnestness that exudes joyfully out of this labor of love.

Barnes notes in the description for “11:11″‘s video:

I am so thrilled to be sharing this with you after 20 years of wanting to release my own music and finally finding the right reasons… it’s never too late.

And who can’t get behind that? That “dreams do come true” feeling is evident in every part of the music video. And Barnes knows his audience. Or maybe, he just truly loves to sing soulfully while shirtless. We’re pretty happy with either explanation. And also happy with the soft candlelight that lights most of this music video.

Ben Barnes lying shirtless in his bed in the 11:11 music video

Ben Barnes

“11:11” itself is a jazzy tune that’s sung right from the heart. At times, it carries that perfect “coffee shop in the fall” melancholia. But who doesn’t love just a touch of nostalgic angst mixed in with the rest? It’s ultimately uplifting. A beautiful song of love. And “11:11″‘s music video highlights all those great aspects.

Barnes adds:

Does the mirror number time 11:11 have mystical, cosmic significance?! Maybe not… but it can’t hurt to make a wish if you see it!

My wish is in the song: for you to be ‘happy, free and fearless’ in the pursuit of your dreams. So make a wish for someone you love.

We honestly can’t even! We really have to ask, is this man real? And does he really wish us all joy? He does? Well, we bet joy will find us then. Such is the power of so much gallantry.

Ben Barnes in a candlelit room from his 11:11 music video
Ben Barnes

Barnes shares the “11:11” music video stage with Westworld co-star Evan Rachel Wood. Wood keeps disappearing on him, but he only wants her to be free and happy. A lovely message. Barnes reminds us of a kind of Phantom of the Opera here. Between all the mirrors, lights, and staging. He is again giving the people what they want.

“11:11” is available to stream across the internet. And soon, more music will join it. Barnes’ EP, “Songs For You,” releases on October 15.

In a release, Barnes shared more about the writing of the album. The lyrics for his songs came from “poetry written for a loved one or just for myself, a long-forgotten phrase I jotted down in a notebook years ago, inspired by a photograph, a moment, a quotation, or in the case of one song, a story I read about a female pirate!”

“Songs For You” contains five songs that are right from Ben Barnes’ heart. He is “baring his soul through his music for the first time; hopeful, joyful, passionate, nostalgic, vulnerable and loving.” “Songs For You” can be pre-ordered today. It sounds like “11:11” is only the beginning.

The “11:11” music video was directed by Lee Toland Krieger. Chloe Dykstra, Tim Harms, Eric Kochmer, and Sam Fox were producers. Barnes also notes that “some encouragement from Darren Criss, the team at Label Logic, and so many others who know who they are” came in handy. He concludes his message with a heart emoji. So we only have one message back to him. <3

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