Become Vengeance with This $100,000 Batman Watch

Everyone has a favorite Batman movie. If The Batman is yours and you also like luxury watches, this $100,000 timepiece is right up your alley. Best not wear it anywhere called “Crime Alley” though. The watch is the latest limited edition piece made by Kross Studio in Switzerland. They only have 10 for sale. Like the movie, there’s “dark styling” in the form of black and very, very dark gray materials. The centerpiece is the movie’s Bat-Signal, sending a beacon to the Caped Crusader. For $100,000 you also get a 12-inch tall Bat-Signal watch holder and “functional art piece” that lights up.

The luxury watch is 283 pieces of hand-crafted machinery. There’s no battery, so you need to wind it at least every five days. How to read the time is a bit of a riddle, with the minute dial rotating instead of the usual hands. More details and pictures are available on the Kross Studio website.

And don’t forget a protective watch roll for your expensive timepiece. Kross also offers four styles at $250 each. Choose from a Batman mask, batarang, Catwoman mask, or one styled with The Riddler’s mask and emblems. Believe it or not, this $100,000 watch is actually Kross’s lowest priced licensed luxury watch to date. They also offer a $150,000 Death Star watch and a Boba Fett watch for $120,000.

The Batman watch and Bat-Signal watch holder from Kross Studio
Kross Studio

This reminds us that the team at Hacksmith recently made a working Bat-Signal. While they don’t often reveal how much their builds cost, we can’t help but wonder if it’s close to the $100,000 price tag of this watch.

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