Barack Obama Surprises YouTube’s Favorite Music Loving Twins

This year of 2020 has not produced a lot of good feelings. But one thing that has brought us joy consistently are twins Tim and Fred Williams from Gary, Indiana. With their YouTube channel, the pair of 22-year old siblings discover music from the past, and react to it for the first time. And their priceless reactions to classics like Dolly Parton’s “ Jolene,” Fleetwood Mac’s “ The Chain,’ and most famously, Phil Collins’ “ In the Air Tonight,” have made them internet sensations. So much so, that they recently got a surprise visit from none other than President Barack Obama himself!

On the latest video from the TwinsthenewTrend channel, the boys react to Bob Dylan’s era-defining classic “The Times They Are A-Changin.” Although Tim and Fred had never heard of Bob Dylan before this — don’t judge! by their own admission, they grew up very sheltered — they chose this song as it was mentioned by Barack Obama as part of his playlist in his new memoir, Promised Land. Since this song is so important to him, they figure this one was worthy of a proper listen and reaction.

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What they didn’t expect is to chat with the 44th President himself, who makes a surprise appearance after the reaction. He explains to the twins just why he loves that particular Dylan tune so much. As much as he loved songs about “girls and cars” as a teenager, “ The Times they Are A-Changin” embodies the ’60s movement towards social justice. Something that would ultimately guide Obama towards a political career, and ultimately, to the White House.

The best moment however is when Obama hilariously points out to Tim and Fred how much easier their generation has it when it comes to making mixtapes. Because when he was making them, they actually were tapes; it was much harder and more time consuming to do. It wasn’t as easy as click and a drop. (As a Gen-Xer myself, I can attest to this). All in all, this video is a lovely reminder of how much a good song can speak to us all; generational differences don’t matter. And this is something we all need right now.

Featured Image: TwinsthenewTrend

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