Now Baby Yoda Is a Waffle Maker

The Child, colloquially referred to as Baby Yoda by Star Wars fans, is an unstoppable force. Merchandise featuring the toddling green alien from The Mandalorian will be filling shelves for the foreseeable future. If it’s a product, expect to see the Child’s face on it. Case in point: GameStop has an exclusive The Child waffle maker (via Jedi News).

I’m placing a bounty on one of these waffle makers now. If you acquire one for me, I will not pay you in credits; instead, I will make you a single waffle. It is not my problem if the waffle is too adorable for you to eat.

Lucasfilm has licensed Star Wars waffle makers aplenty in the past. The devices produced waffles with patterns featuring the Death Star, BB-8, and Darth Vader among others. Enough designs exist for you to eat a different Star Wars waffle every day of the week. But what makes this one extra special is that it includes The Mandalorian logo. The title floats above the precious 50-year-old Child, wrapped in its cozy, probably-in-need-of-a-good-wash brown robe. You can lovingly pour syrup to fill in each of the letters in The Mandalorian—especially important since the usual waffle grid pattern doesn’t apply. A waffle is not the same without syrup-holding indents.

Though Lucasfilm has never officially named them as waffles on screen (beyond listing them on a grocery list in Aurebesh), the beloved breakfast food even plays a role in the Star Wars universe. The members of the Ghost crew in Star Wars Rebels eat space waffles from time to time. Okay, it’s usually Zeb eating the waffles. The triangular snacks look like the perfect space snack. They would take up so little storage space! The waffles would be easy to replicate at home, too. However, these waffles don’t feature any cool characters or ships.

Zeb eating waffles in Star Wars Rebels

GameSpot’s Baby Yoda waffle maker has five temperature settings so you can cook an edible version of the Child to your exact liking. Just remember not to leave your Baby Yoda unsupervised (I’m looking at you, Din Djarin). And don’t forget waffle makers can be used for so much more besides waffles. Use yours as a panini press, cook eggs in it, or cut sweet Hawaiian rolls in half and toast them. Remember that your waffle ambitions are limited only by your dreams. It’s available for pre-order at the price of $39.99. The waffle maker is expected to ship in September 2020.

As previously mentioned, the waffle maker is only one of about a billion upcoming Baby Yoda items. You can pre-order everything from animatronic toys, to plush, to board games with the asset. Learn more and prepare to make a lengthy shopping list.

The Child will return, as far as we know, in season two of The Mandalorian, starring Pedro Pascal in the lead role. The series’ second season is slated to debut in October 2020 on Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming service Disney+. The Mandalorian, created by Jon Favreau, is the first ever live-action Star Wars TV series. It debuted in November 2019.

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