Yes, You Can Buy Baby Yoda’s Space Macarons

If we can all agree on one thing about season two of The Mandalorian it’s that Din Djarin needs feed the Child more. Baby Yoda always seems to be hungry. And in the most recent episode, the little green bean stole a snack from a fellow child. Mando left his foundling in Nevarro’s school while he went on a mission, and the Child couldn’t control himself. When he saw another kid eating, specifically eating the Star Wars version of macarons, he asked for a cookie of his own. The kid didn’t share (and I don’t blame him), so baby Yoda used his Force abilities to swipe the cookies. Yeah, he has a thing or two to learn about impulse control.

Baby Yoda stealing space macarons


However, in baby’s defense, the bright blue confections looked delicious. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a macaron (not macaroon, that is a very different dessert) immediately identified the snack. I didn’t think I’d spend most of a weekend thinking about space macarons, but here we are. And now, unsurprisingly, you can purchase officially licensed space macarons from Williams Sonoma. The brand calls them Nevarro Nummies.

Yes, You Can Buy Baby Yoda's Space Macarons_1

The French dessert is always a treat with its crunchy exterior and slightly chewy center. I hope the Child appreciated the nuance when he ate them, but since he later vomited up the treats after an exciting ride in the Razor Crest, it’s doubtful. You’ll definitely have to savor this pack from Williams Sonoma though. They’re selling a dozen macarons for $49.95. You read that right. I hope, for that price, that the packaging is super adorable.

Baby Yoda eating space macarons


Otherwise, if you’re going to spend those kind of bucks on macarons, just buy them from Ladurée. The luxury French bakery is known for their confections. Or you can get ambitious and make macarons of your own. Just keep them away from any Baby Yoda toys you may have around your household. Better to be safe than hungry.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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