THE AVENGERS Theme Is Even More Badass on Bagpipes

There is a lot that makes the Avengers badass. It’s a team-up of our favorite Marvel heroes, and the scope of each Avengers film is far greater than the last. With Infinity War, we’re all about to embark (or already have embarked) on one of the biggest Marvel events to date. And while the MCU gets bigger and more intense with each film, one thing has stayed the same–The Avengers theme. It’s an utterly heroic theme song, and you can’t help but feel excited when you hear that iconic music. And while the song hasn’t changed since the first Avengers film, it was probably due for an upgrade, especially with the MCU about to change as we know it, right?

YouTuber The Snake Charmer thought so, anyway. A musician with some intensely amazing bagpipe skills, and who has covered tons of iconic songs from The Pirates of the Caribbean theme to the Wonder Woman theme, to Ed Sheeran, and everything in between, she decided to give The Avengers theme a bit of a twist, playing it on bagpipes (while in Black Widow cosplay, of course). So if you’re a bit tired from dodging Infinity War spoilers while you wait for your turn to see the flick, or if you already saw it and you just want to recapture the magic from the movie, definitely watch this creative take on The Avengers theme. The results are totally cool.

If you aren’t familiar with music played on the bagpipes, the range of this instrument is pretty surprising. The Snake Charmer manages to capture the iconic nature of the Avengers theme, but adds a really creative twist that is a ton of fun to listen to with her bagpipes. Clearly, a ton of musical skill went into this cover, and we are totally mesmerized and impressed by this performance. We’re definitely gonna have this one on repeat all day.

What do you think of this bagpipe cover of The Avengers theme? What other unexpected songs have you heard covered by bagpipes? Tell us about it in the comments!

Feature Image: The Snake Charmer

Cool bagpipe stories are more common than you think!

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