Wanna See a Unicycle-Riding, Bagpipe-Playing, Snow-Shoveling Darth Vader?

The holidays are officially behind us, and we’re starting to head into the coldest months of winter. It’s easy to fall into a funk or full-on depression this time of the year, so one brave person set out to change that. Armed with only a unicycle, a Darth Vader costume, and flaming bagpipes (you know, standard Monday gear), this guy has instantly made 2017 look a lot brighter than 2016… and not just because of the actual fire emanating from his pipes.

The Laughing Squid first broke this important news story, and let us all know that the mysterious bagpiper is a Portland resident (because of course he’s from Portland) named Brian Kidd. Kidd goes by The Unipiper on Youtube, and it turns out he’s been playing flaming bagpipes on unicycles in costume for quite a while now. He’s got videos where he’s dressed as King Arthur from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Link from Zelda, Harry Potter (chasing a dude dressed as a Golden Snitch, naturally), and Captain Jack Sparrow. Another Star Wars-themed video saw him ditch his unicycle and instead balance on a ball while dressed as BB-8.Kidd’s Dark Side antics have brought a big flash of light into what is arguably the worst part of winter, even though it does make me feel worse about the amount of complaining and struggling I do trying to shovel my driveway the old-fashioned way. However, it seems that his neighbors have become used to Kidd’s flaming bagpiping, unicycling ways. About six seconds into the video, you see a minivan just drive casually on by, presumably thinking, “ Darth Vader shoveling snow on a unicycle with flaming bagpipes? What else is new…”

Don’t be that minivan, friends. Enjoy and marvel at The Unipiper’s delightful and mysterious ways! Tell us your favorite Unipiper video, and who you’d like to see him dress up as next in the comments!

Feature Image: The Unipiper/YouTube

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