AVENGERS Marvel Drone Show Will Light Up Disneyland Paris

Avengers fans, assemble at Disneyland Paris! A brand new evening show involving lighted drones and pyrotechnics will soon blaze across the night sky. But only for a limited time, running from January 28 to May 8, 2023. Based on the first-look illustrations below, the spectacle will include Captain America throwing his famous shield. Instead of vibranium, this heroic shield is made up of red, white, and blue drones. Doctor Strange also opens an inter-dimensional portal in the sky that is sure to impress onlookers. Other characters in the show include Shang-Chi, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and the Hulk. For those who can’t make it to Paris by May 8, hopefully, this Marvel drone show will extend its run and make its way to the other Disney Parks! 

The drone show, called “Avengers: Power the Night,” takes place near the Hollywood Tower of Terror ride in the Walt Disney Studios Park. 500 drones will accompany Marvel projections that completely cover the tower’s massive façade. Lights and pyrotechnics round out the display, which is sure to wow the audience.

The sneak peek video below also shares some behind-the-scenes tidbits about creating Disney’s latest nighttime spectacular. Following Marvel’s penchant for secrecy, all the trials had to take place in the dead of night. The drone show will be accompanied by a superhero soundtrack that includes the iconic scores we’ve come to associate with our favorite Marvel characters.

Drones shows are becoming more and more popular. Pokémon recently celebrated Pikachu with a light show over Singapore. The Oakland A’s baseball team hosted one full of Star Wars favorites. And Paramount+ flew hundreds of drones over Sydney, Australia to show off everything from Star Trek to Top Gun. It’s no surprise that the Disney Parks are incorporating the new technology into the lineup of nighttime entertainment and bringing us some Marvel-ous fun. We can’t wait to see the new display!

Melissa is Nerdist’s science & technology staff writer. She also moderates “science of” panels at conventions and co-hosts Star Warsologies, a podcast about science and Star Wars. Follow her on Twitter @melissatruth. 

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