MCU Stars Talk Smack (and Say Nice Things) About Each Other in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Featurette

We are mere weeks away from Avengers: Infinity War arriving in theaters, and anticipation for this movie could not be any higher than it is. The movie doesn’t come out until April 27, and it has already pre-sold more tickets than the last seven MCU movies combined. Whether or not Infinity War really is “the biggest crossover event in history” or not, it sure comes pretty darn close.

Now Marvel Studios has released a sweet behind the scenes featurette on the making of the movie, featuring the massive (and we mean MASSIVE) cast of the film, as we get a look at how all the disparate players from every corner of the MCU got along while making the film. From the looks of it, they got on exactly as you’d hoped they would: like one big, silly family.

One highlight of the video involves Chris Pratt fooling around on set with Chris Hemsworth, who welcomes Star-Lord as the latest “C-list” Avenger. We also get a sweet moment between Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jon Favreau, as they reminisce about having been there at the very beginning of all this with the original Iron Man back in 2008, and having made it through together to this grand finale (although I guess technically, next year’s untitled Avengers movie is the real grand finale to all this.)

Whatever happens with the MCU after next year, these first 10 years have been an incredible achievement, something never before seen in Hollywood history. After 19 films, all box office and critical successes (to varying degrees, of course, but the Tomatometer marks all of them as “Fresh”), everyone involved has earned the right to give themselves a huge pat on the back.

Images: Marvel/Disney

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