AVENGERS: ENDGAME Teaser Shows Off Some Big Reunions

Now that we’re only within a few weeks of the release of Avengers: Endgame (whose tickets are on sale now), the habitually cagey Disney is loosening its grip on footage that the conservative among us might even go so far as to call spoilery. If it’s your style to avert your eyes from any sign of an impending film’s big emotional moments, you may not want to watch the latest teaser from Endgame.

No, it doesn’t show the Avengers manipulating the space-time continuum or serving Thanos a stone-rattling wallop, but it does show off a few reunions we’ve been waiting for since Infinity War… or, in some cases, far longer. (You know the one we’re talking about.) The somber assembly of new footage shows the non-dusted among the big heroes discussing the vaguest details of their developing plan, and reveling bittersweetly in one another’s camaraderie all the while.

The first notable reunion we spot is that of Guardians Rocket and Nebula, sharing an uncharacteristic soft moment.


Right up next is a particularly touching hug for Pepper Potts and her fiancé Tony Stark, whom she believed she may have lost when their phone conversation cut out right as he was zooming off into the bowels to take down an all-powerful titan.


Following up is a sweet moment between old pals Hawkeye and Black Widow, both stoic as always. (Why should this night be any different?)


But the biggest moment of them all: Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, chums torn apart by politics (hey, who hasn’t been there?) since the events of Captain America: Civil War, coming together again for a hearty handshake and an exchange of good vibes.


Now that’s what we’ve been waiting for. At this point, I’m fine with it if the entire universe crumbles beneath Thanos’ wicked reign. I’m just glad our boys are on good terms again.

Images: Marvel


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