Archie Comics Musical Set in India Coming Soon to Netflix

Archie Andrews and his friends from Riverdale have been an American institution for nearly eighty years. First appearing in Pep Comics, Archie spawned an entire world of comics and characters, all of which continue today. Most notably on the hit CW series Riverdale. And now, Pop’s Diner is opening up shop in India, in a manner of speaking, with a new Archie Comics musical.

In collaboration with Archie Comics, Netflix will soon bring a coming-of-age story that will, according to a release, “introduce the teenagers of Riverdale to a new generation in India.” Tiger Baby and Graphic India will produce The Archies, a feature film adaptation of the comics. And it will premiere exclusively on Netflix. As mentioned, The Archies is also live-action Archie Comics musical. It will take place in 1960s India. Zoya Akhtar will direct this feature film. And it sounds like a lot of fun.

Archie and his friends greet the news of a new musical based on their adventures.
Archie Comics

Director Zoya Akhtar said in a statement, “I am super excited to have the chance to bring The Archies to life. It was a large part of my childhood and teenage years. These characters remain iconic and globally loved, which is also why I am a little nervous. I have to make sure the film stokes the nostalgia of a generation that grew  up on the comic and yet resonates with the young adults today.”

The 1960s offers the perfect setting for this film. The ’60s were the heyday of the animated series The Archies, which introduced the world to the hit song “ Sugar Sugar.” During this era, Archie also truly transitioned into a franchise, spinning off comics like Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Betty and Veronica, Jughead, and so many others. Although Archie and friends had existed in comics since the ’40s, it was this era where they truly became iconic.

We don’t have word yet on when The Archies will premiere. But we don’t expect it any sooner than late 2022. But honestly, we can’t wait to go on this Archie Comics musical adventure.

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