The Very Silly BITE SIZED ARCHIE Webcomic Gets a Print Collection

The best things come in small packages. I’m not sure how often that saying proves to be true, but it definitely applies to this exclusive announcement. Bite Sized Archie, a popular weekly webcomic that debuted through Archie Comics‘ social media platforms, is getting its very own printed collection: Bite Sized Archie Vol. 1. The collection from writer Ron Cacace and artist Vincent Lovallo collects a year of stories, plus bonus sketches and a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. It’s the perfect way to catch up in case you missed any of the webcomic installments.

Comic book illustrations of characters from Archie Comics on the cover of Bite Sized Archie

Archie Comics

Bite Sized Archie shows your favorite Archie Comics characters getting tangled up modern culture, including memes and social media trends. It’s very cute, humorous, and sometimes irreverent. If you don’t have the webcomic on your radar, you can read them here and see some preview pages from the printed collection below.

A comic preview page of the Archie webcomic with Reggie dropping his phone on his face

Archie Comics

Writer and director of publicity and social media for Archie Comics Ron Cacace tells Nerdist, “Vincent and I have been posting our jokes and doodles on the Archie social media pages for years, so we knew there was an audience for this type of content, but I don’t think we ever expected Bite Sized Archie to take off in the way it has. I’m so incredibly lucky to work with an amazing collaborator like Vincent, someone who takes every idea I have and manages to make it ten times better, and to have the steadfast support of our CEO/Publisher Jon Goldwater, who has championed this series from the start. And of course, we have to thank the incredibly passionate Archie Comics fans for embracing Bite Sized Archie in such a huge way. A print collection isn’t possible without their support, so thank you to everyone who has read and engaged with our stories!”

A preview of the Archie webcomic with Cheryl Blossom burning her house down after seeing a spider

Archie Comics

Vincent Lovallo, artist and art director for Archie Comics, echoed that enthusiasm. He says, “It’s been such an incredible feeling seeing the positive online reaction to Bite Sized Archie. It brings us so much joy and is so fulfilling as a creator to know there’s an audience actively looking forward to each new strip, creating fan art and crafts, and giving us direct feedback through social media. Our fanbase has grown over the course of the last year and it’s thanks to their continued support that the print collection is finally becoming a reality!”

Bite Sized Archie Vol. 1 arrives in comic book shops and book stores in spring 2022.

Amy Ratcliffe is the Managing Editor for Nerdist and the author of A Kid’s Guide to Fandom, available now. Follow her on  Twitter and Instagram.

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