Alligator Loki Makes for the Most Marvelous Pet Costume Ever

With Halloween fast approaching, many of you out there are already planning your costumes for the festivities. But you’re also probably planning the ones for your pets too. Because nothing gets more candy in your kid’s plastic pumpkin than a cute pooch in a silly costume at their side. And although we’ve seen a few cute Marvel-related costumes for dogs and cats over the years, this one might break the Multiverse open with its sheer cuteness.

Thanks to, you can now get a Loki costume for your doggo for $39.95. But not just the Asgardian God of Mischief as played by Tom Hiddleston. We’re talking about the variant alligator version from an unknown world in the Multiverse, as seen on the Disney+ Loki series. And it’s pretty much perfect. You can see an image, as well as read the official description for the Alligator Loki pet costume, down below:

Alligator Loki costume for pets from Pure Costumes.
Pure Costumes
What could be better than dressing up as Loki? Well, dressing up as Alligator Loki, of course! Turn your pet into everyone’s favorite god of mischief…or, a variant of him, anyway. This costume is perfect for any pet owner who is a fan of the Marvel universe! Items include a walking costume bodysuit and a headpiece.

In addition to Alligator Loki, Pure Costumes will soon offer a Captain America pet outfit too. Of course, there are other Loki costumes available on as well, even for (slightly less adorable) human children. Right now though, those are out of stock. Your kid would have the best MCU costume on the block if they went as Kid Loki, with a cute pooch/alligator variant following along. And we certainly wouldn’t judge any grown-ups who want to join in the fun and make their own “classic Loki” costume to go with them. Especially one resembling Richard E. Grant. After all, there’s an infinite number of Lokis out there. Why not have an infinite number on Halloween night too?

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