Twitter’s Best Reactions to ALADDIN’s Hot Jafar

Every time Disney brings iconic cartoon characters to life in a live-action remake it has to deal with fans expectations of how those beloved figures “should” look. However, the internet’s best reactions to new images from their upcoming Aladdin prove you don’t have to give the fans exactly what they want as long as you surprise them with a sexy version of a character like Hot Jafar. But you know the old saying: with every Hot Jafar comes a weird-looking ponytailed  Will Smith genie.

While we know that these first images of Will Smith are just genie in his “human disguise,” as Will Smith put it, and he will mostly appear in blue, CGI-form, this was still a jarring introduction. Fortunately that means it was a funny one.

This one might be too mean…

….but it’s too funny.Worried about him not being blue?

Already fixed.

That looks pretty good, but we’re still going to laugh at this version of genie for a while.

This one should go in a museum.

But for as much as people wish they could un-see Smith’s pirate-themed restaurant waiter look, they are definitely here for Marwan Kenzari’s Jafar. Let’s just say some viewers should bring plenty of water with them to the theater to quench their thirst.

This all raises a very important question:

Looks like it.

Turning the movie’s bad guy from a lanky skeleton into a heartthrob isn’t the only reason why so many are now #TeamJafar. Aladdin’s new, shirted look isn’t what people wanted.

But hey, Mena Massoud still has his defenders.

Has Hot Jafar thrown you into an existential spiral?

Featured Image: Disney

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