Adam Savage’s Star-Lord Walkman Is Awesome Build Vol. 1

If you were at this year’s Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), there’s a decent chance you spotted a Star-Lord cosplayer with wheat-colored hair and a whole lot of pep in his step as he danced through the crowds. That immaculately emulative Star-Lord was none other than Adam Savage, who, in the video below, shows off his “one-day build” of one of the key props of his costume: Peter Quill’s iconic Walkman.

Savage recently posted his video of the Star-Lord Walkman build to Tested, noting that it’s a styrene scratch build — meaning it’s built from scratch (versus a kit) using styrene. The whole build video is more than 30 minutes, but don’t be confused. If you start watching this video, Adam Savage’s smile will mesmerize you, as will the satisfying moments when peeled tape reveals perfectly delineated paint.

It seems like the most fun Savage has during the build is when he gets the chance to tweezer on a few sets of shiny vinyl letters. The words transform the case into something definitively recognizable as Star-Lord’s and the SONY logo looks especially untarnished.

There is one unfortunate incident in the build video, however. When Savage accidentally stabs himself in the hand with an X-Acto handle (about seven minutes into the clip). We don’t see the actual blade penetrating flesh, but to hear Savage describe the wound may make you queasy. But everybody has to take a step back and remember: A build this good is never just a snap.

What do you think of this Star-Lord Walkman build? Are you as constantly amazed as we are at the love Adam Savage pours into his builds? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Tested 

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