Ring in the New Year with Thanos’ INFINITY WAR Snap

People are always trying to find ways to spice up their New Year’s Eve get-togethers, especially when it comes to finding some kind of nerdy pop culture tie-in to the actual countdown to the coming year. Remember how for awhile the trendy thing was to watch the original Star Wars, and time it perfectly so the Death Star exploding is what happens as 12:am hits? Well, we now have a more current version of that trend, themed to   Avengers: Infinity War.Yes, a fan out there on reddit has discovered that if you start playing Avengers: Infinity War at exactly 9:48 pm on December 31st , Thanos’ snap heard round the universe (or at least around packed movie theaters) that dusted so many beloved heroes can be used to usher in 2019. If any fans out there are going to go with this idea, we suggest going whole hog, and making it a full-on Avengers: Infinity War themed New Year’s party. Come in your favorite Marvel character cosplay, or if you want to still dress up fancy, make sure you have jewels on that resemble one of the Infinity Stones.Another idea is to maybe decorate your party with empty costumes of Spider-Man and Black Panther just littered around the place, as if they got caught up in the “snapture.” Interestingly, 2019 is the year that most of these characters will in all likelihood come back to life, so best to do this Infinity War-themed stunt this New Year’s, as we doubt it’ll pack the same punch years later, when there’s a Spider-Man 3 and a Black Panther 2 on the horizon.

Images: Marvel Studios

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