Adam Savage Gives This Baby Yoda Figure a Glow-up

The folks at Sideshow Collectibles have been making the absolute best premium action figures and statues based on pop culture for decades. But even their near-perfect products could use a little extra TLC to get them to reach that next level. Which is where Savage Builds and former Mythbusters host Adam Savage comes in. For his Tested YouTube channel, he’s takes an adorable and made-to-scale sized Baby Yoda figure from Sideshow, and made it that much better for his latest One Day Build.

Savage, of course, is no stranger to Star Wars. Not only did he work on Attack of the Clones in an official capacity, but he also made his own realistic looking lightsaber! You can check out the full makeover process for The Mandalorian’s favorite frog eating infant in the latest One Day Build video down below:

Savage realizes that Sideshow does an amazing job on their product, and that improving on this one is all about the small details. Case in point, Baby Yoda’s little outfit. The figure’s cloak as-is isn’t really as worn looking as it probably should be. After all, the little guy has been getting into scrape after scrape with his Mando daddy, and you know that Din Djarin isn’t stopping by any cleaners on Coruscant in between adventures. So Adam Savage finds a way to give the Child’s outfit the appearance of a little bit more wear and tear.

Adam Savage Gives Premium Baby Yoda Figure a Glow-up_1

Adam Savage’s Tested

The other big addition that Savage does pertains to Baby Yoda’s flexibility. He takes the figure apart, and performs a little bit of emergency surgery on the Child. Even though we know it’s all just a plastic, we’re going to admit that seeing little Baby Yoda’s body being torn apart is still upsetting. After the surgery, Savage adds in some armature wire to give baby’s arms far more articulation. Add in a few changes to his paint job, and presto—our Baby Yoda is now ready for his close up.

For more of cool videos like this one, be sure to head on over to Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel.

Featured Image: Adam Savage’s Tested

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