Adam Driver Becomes a Centaur For Burberry Hero

Well, John Oliver’s favorite “ f***able redwood” is proving that we are thirsty out here. Just a few weeks ago, we learned that Adam Driver, aka Kylo Ren, would be the new face of Burberry. Well, today, they revealed the first clip with Driver as the face of Burberry Hero.

Adam Driver is now a Centaur for Burberry Hero

In the clip, Adam Driver runs into the ocean. Is he saving someone? We don’t know! Let’s keep watching.

Adam Driver Runs Into Ocean To Swim With a Horse

He reaches his destination and pairs up with…a horse. Yes, a horse.

Adam Driver is swimming in the ocean with a horse

Now that he has met his ocean buddy, dancing and frolicking with the horse commence. You know, as anyone would do upon finding a horse in the ocean.

Adam Driver Frolics in the ocean with a horse

But wait, something is happening. Adam Driver looks shocked!

Adam Driver is now turning into a centaur

Emerging from the waves, the shadow of a centaur appears. And just in case you’ve forgotten who magically became a centaur on a beach, Driver’s narration says, “Burberry Hero, a new fragrance for men.”

Adam Driver is the centaur for Burberry Hero

You can watch the clip it’s entirety below. 

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Burberry thinks that we would all obsessively watch Kylo Ren frolic in the ocean with a horse and then turn into a centaur. And it looks like they were 100000% correct. The clip is trending on social media, and we all simply cannot pull our eyes away.

The video clip features “Two Weeks” by FKA Twigs. The song is sexy and sensual. Perhaps the Burberry team read her 2014 interview where she said “weird things can be sexy” and thought, yes, that’s it! We shall take this strong, dramatic actor and make him into a horseman! And well, look, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious what this men’s cologne smells like.

While I can’t be sure exactly what the Burberry team was going for here, I am weirdly very very into it. And so is the internet. Bravo to Burberry for giving us exactly what we need: Adam Driver doing something weird, while wet, and without a shirt. Bless the internet.

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