A 3D-Printed Flying IRON MAN Suit Has Graced the Real World

Just a few avenues west of where Stark Tower is said to stand, the real world—by which I do mean the one that we actually live in, at least until we can perfect that multiverse-hopper—just debuted its very own take on Iron Man.

On April 3, on the deck of New York City’s riverside landmark the USS Intrepid, the fledgling company Gravity Industries showed off the world’s first fully 3D-printed jet suit. Participating in an event called Design the Future, Gravity Industries suited up representative Sam Rogers and put on an airborne dance routine for the cameras, as you can see below.

Rogers himself gave Reuters (via  Yahoo News) a rundown of the details on the suit, which he asserted is indeed the first fully 3D-printed product of its kind. The chic threads are made of a combination of nylon and aluminum and sport five turbo jet engines—two smaller engines attach to each arm, and one larger one adheres to the wearer’s back.

The engines ordinarily run on kerosine, though Rogers said that they used diesel fuel for this particular display, its first public flight demo. Furthermore, Rogers told Reuters that the suit is controlled by vectoring.

The next step for Gravity Industries’ answer to Tony Stark is as of now unknown, though it’s comforting to know that when the Snap finally takes way in our universe, we’ll at least have a starter kit for taking down Thanos. So really, all we need now is a decades-comatose super soldier, a rageaholic physicist, a defected Russian spy and veritable martial arts prodigy, a literal Norse god, and a guy who’s pretty good at archery, and we should be all set.

Images: Marvel

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