4 Happy Things That Could Happen in the GAME OF THRONES Finale

Game of Thrones is over for good in just a handful of days and we’re still trying to parse out how we feel. The season has been a little rough around the edges, and we’ve had our complaints about some of its character development. But this is still the biggest show in the world, still one of the last huge communal TV events, and is bound to continue its reign as “most talked about television show ever” long after its run.

The penultimate episode, “The Bells,” was certainly a bummer, so we’re headed into Sunday’s finale with a bit of trepidation. But there are still some little things that could happen that would make us happy. None of these are big game-changing expectations, but a little list of pleasant things we’d like to see, or would at least like to think about.

Jon and Arya reunite with their direwolves

The only surviving direwolves have both gotten the short straw. Arya briefly reunited with Nymeria and Jon sent Ghost to live with Tormund and the Wildlings. But we’d love to see the two get some sort of final moment with their wolves. Remember that the show began with these animals. It would be incredibly powerful to see it end with them too, even if the reunions are brief.

Sansa and Brienne give up men

Two of our favorite female characters have been scorned too many times by men they thought they loved and trusted. Sansa was betrayed by Littlefinger, and abused by Joffrey and Ramsay, while Brienne had her heart ripped out by Jaime. There are some contingencies of fans that would like to see Sansa with Tyrion and Brienne with Tormund, but we’d prefer if these two ladies found that friendship can be as powerful as romantic love. They deserve a happily ever after free of that pain.

Drogon gets a happy ending 

We’re pretty sure things are only going to get worse with Daenerys, which is a bummer for poor Drogon, who was used as a nuke in the penultimate episode and will have to watch his mother contend with the ramifications of her terroristic actions. The dragons drew the short straw these last two seasons, so we’d really like to see Drogon survive. Maybe he’ll fly off into the sunshine, off to live a life of adventure on his own.

Davos and Pod get a moment of reflection

Two of the last good guys in Westeros deserve to feel proud of themselves for making it this far. Ser Davos Seaworth and Podrick Payne are some of the show’s best characters, and have been around since nearly the beginning, always as backup to the heroes. If the show ends with most of our leads dead, it’d be nice to see these two set up for happier lives, and we’d love to see them connect.

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