GAME OF THRONES’ Maisie Williams Makes Hot Pie’s Direwolf Bread

Game of Thronesfans know when making a meat pie you can’t give up on the gravy. Sure, it’s difficult, but no gravy, no pie. Simple as that. However, we think our favorite Westerosi chef was bragging about the wrong dish when he extolled his commitment in the kitchen, because as Maisie Williams discovered, making a direwolf bread that both looks and tastes good is a much bigger challenge.

Williams joined one of our favorite YouTube cooking shows, Binging with Babish, to try and recreate a show-accurate version of Hot Pie’s second, much more impressive-looking direwolf bread (the great looking one he gave to Brienne and Podrick to deliver to Arya Stark, not the original mess he gave to Arya when she left with the Brotherhood without Banners). Using a direwolf template inspired by the show, and a recipe that reportedly came from Game of Thrones’ food stylist, Williams and Babish went with an Irish oatcake-like bread designed to hold its shape. They more than succeeded at that, making an identical replica of Hot Pie’s. Hopefully his tasted a lot better, though.

We aren’t sure we would have the courage to ever laugh at Arya Stark, let alone when she’s standing next to us with a knife.

As for the direwolf delicacy, we imagine Hot Pie’s noted commitment to his craft ( in real life, too) led him to eventually solve the problem of it being too dry… even if that means his “bread” was really a scone.

What other food from the show would you love to see Binging with Babish make next? Swear it to the old gods and the new in our comments section below.

Featured Image: HBO

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