You Can Own This 1989 Batmobile Replica for $1.5 Million

It doesn’t take a billionaire playboy vigilante to own a Batmobile, but it does take a multi-millionaire. And what rich Batman fan wouldn’t want a replica of the best live-action Batmobile in history? Though this particular one didn’t appear in any of the films, it was used in the Six Flags Batman stunt show back in the ’90s. The replica Batmobile from Batman and Batman Returns is for sale for $1.5 million from Classic Auto Mall, which describes it as a “curvaceous steampunked black fiberglass construction that borrows from racing and a few classics, has several drops of psychedelics peppered within, and is one of a kind.”

The detailing on this Batmobile is incredible and looks straight out of Tim Burton’s fantasies. There’s a jet engine in the front and a flamethrower in the back. The second steering wheel behind the main seats is actually what drives the car. In old clips of the stunt show, you can see the stunt driver hiding so the Batmobile looks like it obeys voice commands just like in the movies.

This means the car actually seats three people—though it’s not street legal and tops out at 30 miles per hour. The dashboard is covered with lights, levers, and switches that the Classic Auto Mall describes as “an overabundance of nonfunctional bells and whistles.” There’s no mention of grappling hooks or machine guns.

The Batmobile styled like 1989's Batman
Classic Auto Mall

We found out about the sale from DesignTAXI. If you don’t have the $1.5 million to drop on this Batmobile, you can always rent classic movie cars. If you’ve got $30,000, why not get a Batmobile clock? Or if a LEGO Batmobile is more your speed, those are “only” $250. Maybe we’ll just watch Batman again and revel in the awesome-ness of his wonderful toys.  

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