Get Excited to Watch These 15 Things in 2019

Bonne année! Feliz año nuevo! Chuc mung nam moi! HODOR! No matter how you say it, Happy New Year to all of you from us here at Nerdist!

Just as important, though: We did it! We all survived 2018! (Well, save for half of all life in the MCU.) Making it through last year was no small feat, especially since the year seemed to be 37 months long. But today isn’t about looking back, it’s about looking ahead, and believe us when we tell you, the pop culture calendar is set up to be maybe the most jam-packed year in entertainment ever. There are hundreds and hundreds of shows and movies being released in the next 12 months. So to help you plan your year in appointment viewing, today’s Nerdist News will tell you which 15 things, from big-time sequels to mega-mergers, to the debut of a new streaming site and re-imagined classics, to bittersweet farewells, you should be most excited to watch in 2019, in a countdown to number one.

Join host Jessica Chobot as she kicks off the new year with a look ahead to the films, TV series, and industry game-changing events we’re most excited about in 2019. That includes the newest entries into some of the biggest franchises in the world, like X-Men, Star Wars, Marvel, Star Trek, and more, as well as the squanchy return of some of our favorite shows, especially one that will play its final game under winter skies.

See? This year is going to be craaaazy. And that’s just the top 15! We could have gone 50 long, but we had an Endgame in mind. Because if you thought 2018 was tough, we might have to say goodbye to both Captain America and Iron Man in 2019. Even if that makes for an amazing movie, it definitely won’t make for a happy new year.What are you most excited to see this year? Tell us in the comments below what you’re most excited to watch on both the big and small screen.

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