How The Avengers Could Be the MCU’s Next Villains (Explainiac w/ Dan Casey)

What if Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were also Earth’s Meanest Villains? That’s the thinking behind a new fan theory which explores how the Dark Avengers could become the new big bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Join Dan Casey on a brand new Explainiac as he breaks it all down, contextualizes the Dark Avengers’ comic book history, and explains how it could all play out on the big screen. Source: in new tab In a world filled with numbers, facts, films, TV shows, anime and more there's only so much one brain can handle. Dan Casey has dedicated his life to memorizing all the trivia, secrets, myths, and more to all things pop culture. For some things in life, there are things you can't explain. For everything else, there's Explainiac. Tune in to Explainiac every Thursday over on in new tab and in new tab to get your weekly dose of the truth.