Your Kitty Can Live in Style with a Fancy Cat Condominium

My fellow cat people know one very painful reality all too well: there’s no guarantee our kitties will care about what we buy them. You can splurge on all the fancy toys you want. Those picky felines are just as likely—nay, more likely—to continue playing inside an empty cardboard box instead. That’s why it’s so hard to justify breaking the bank trying to please them. But just because we can’t justify those expenditures doesn’t mean we’ll stop making them. We crave our cats love and approval, and we’re willing to do anything to get it.

Even if it’s buying something they don’t need, like these new super fancy cat high-rise condominiums. Sure, they’re needlessly chic for a cat. But they also might be a way to spruce up our own homes while making our pets happy.

The Japanese residential construction firm Mitsubishi Estate Residence normally develops high rises for humans to live in. But the company recently introduced their new Cat Tower Project (which we first heard about at SoraNews24). They say the idea came from “a group of cat-loving employees” who “brought together the wisdom, technology, and love of cats from home-building professionals.” And they aren’t kidding.

The entire “building” is sleek and modern, as though rich Lilliputians might hotel there. However, this is a tower designed with our cat’s happiness in mind. The structure’s first floor serves as the bathroom thanks to a kitty litter tray. The second floor is the garden lounge. That level includes a window and a planter. The living room sits above it. It has a soft surface and a round porthole window to rest in the sun. And the open-air fourth level serves as the bedroom, with a fluffy bed to sleep in. There’s even a long scratching post on an outside wall.

Your Kitty Can Live in Style With a Fancy Cat Condominium_1Mitsubishi Estate Residence

….Dammit. We really want this for our pets, because like all cat owners we are huge suckers.

The only bad news is also good news. These fancy cat condos are not for sale to the public yet. So no, you can’t buy one for your kitty.

But that also means you don’t have to be upset when they prefer the cardboard box it’s shipped in.

Featured Image: Mitsubishi Estate Residence

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