Samsung Designs Boxes to Double as Cat Houses

We love when companies attempt to limit their carbon footprint. But it can be hard, especially when you take packing materials into consideration. For safe delivery purposes, it’s not something we can totally do without. But giving that packing material a longer-lasting purpose is one way to combat unnecessary waste.

That’s what Samsung Electronics has done with their new “eco-packing” effort. In addition to using corrugated cardboard that makes for easier recycling, the boxes that come with their priciest TVs (The Serif, The Frame, and The Sero) have another function. Each box comes with a dot matrix design allowing customers to cut and reassemble them into everything from an end table to a magazine rack to a cat house.

Each package comes with a QR code buyers can scan for manuals on house to build these household items. The boxes will still look like, you know, cardboard boxes, but that’s nothing a little paint and creativity can’t fix. And it’s not like your cat will mind. In fact, she’ll probably love it all the more if it resembles garbage.

And for those of you without cats ( a strange way to live, but we don’t judge), the boxes’ other potential forms also look to be useful, fun, and charming. Even kind of cute in that “I made my furniture out of cardboard” way. (It’ll be a trend soon; just you wait.)

This is a great idea and another win for Samsung. The company already won CES 2020 Innovation Awards for its eco-packaging concept earlier this year. Any brand committed to keeping us (and our pets) entertained while protecting our planet is a brand we can get behind.

You can learn more about Samsung’s eco-friendly boxes at, and learn a bit about the realities of recycling plastic here.

Featured Image: Samsung Electronics

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