Spend a Night at the FRIENDS Apartment for Just $20

Friends has been off the air for 17 years, but still it endures. A nostalgia window into a specific brand of ’90s fashion, culture, and hubris. In addition to a much anticipated reunion on HBO Max, new Friends experiences are all around us. And for this particular writer, just a subway ride away. Buckle up, Friends fans, as two very lucky parties are about to embark on an immersive once-in-a-lifetime overnight stay in Monica and Rachel’s iconic apartment. And it costs just under $20. Could that be any more exciting? (Ugh, I know.)

A recreation of Monica and Rachel's apartment from Friends.


The Friends Experience and Booking.com are teaming up for a two-night event that’ll immerse the lucky bookers into the beloved sitcom’s world. (We first heard about it at DesignTAXI.) The Ultimate Overnight at The Friends Experience allows for two single-night stays at the Manhattan location, for either Sunday, May 23, or Monday, May 24. For the small price of $19.94—in honor of the year Friends debuted on NBC.

The bookings open on Friday, May 21, at 10 a.m. ET. It’s first come, first serve, be sure to be at the ready! While the stay itself is a recreation of Monica and Rachel’s apartment, the experience features bits and pieces from across the series—including original props and costumes. Yes, that means you, too, can chill in Chandler and Joey’s cozy recliners or play some foosball. 

A recreation of Joey and Chandler's apartment from Friends.


According to Booking.com,

Guests will be treated to a custom tour and safety-first itinerary with dinner and drinks, a late-night game of Phoebe’s Cab Escape Room, a Friends-themed scavenger hunt, and wake up to coffee and breakfast at Central Perk—just like the gang would. The highlight of your stay will be a private tour with a photographer to capture professional imagery reliving all the iconic moments that have defined more than 25 years of the famed television show.

Why not get the Rachel, whip up some beef trifle, and really make a day of it!

For those unable to secure a booking, fear not. While the overnight is a very limited opportunity, the experience itself is not. The Friends Experience, which has locations in New York City and Chicago, is open year round for those looking to revel in Friends nostalgia.

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