You Won’t Know What You’re Hearing With These Yanny-Laurel EDM Remixes

We settled this once and for all yesterday: The audio in the (in?)famous meme of the moment is saying “laurel” and not “yanny.” (It was taken from the page for “laurel.”) Regardless of what the facts say, though, people are going to hear what they’re going to hear; it’s not due to any willful ignorance, but a matter of sound frequencies and perception.

What’s not so up for debate, though, is what should be considered an alternate Rule 34 of the internet (look that up if you want, but you might come across some graphic material): If it exists, there is an EDM remix of it.

It’s been just a few days since Yanny-Laurel took off, and the web is already filling up with electronic songs based on the uber-confusing meme.

I’m opting not to make any value judgments about the songs above and below, instead focusing on what they’ve got to offer: heavy electronic beats, “laurel-yanny” repeated a lot, and some deep synth bass. Hey, maybe it’d even be fun to hear them once at a club (and then not so much after that first time). If these prove anything, it’s that the internet is a wonderful place where people can let their creativity flourish, no matter what form that takes.

Which of the three above is your favorite? Are you into any of them? Or is there one out there that you actually really dig? Let us know what you’re hearing down in the comments!

Featured image:  Veld Music Festival/Flickr

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