X-MEN Animated Series Theme and Fox Kids Get a Metal Medley

There were lots of reasons to be excited last year when the Mouse House announced it is reviving the ’90s X-Men animated series for Disney+. For one, the show will pickup where it left off 1997, guaranteeing we get closure on old storylines. And since Disney is also home to the MCU, the cartoon might end up connecting to the world’s biggest franchise. ( That might happen very, very soon, actually.) But forget the ramifications for the past and future of the X-Men. We’re going to enjoy having the show’s theme back in our lives. Three decades after we heard it the first time we can’t get enough of it. And we really mean that, because we also love hearing any and all covers of that song. That includes this heavy metal rendition that also celebrates the rest of Fox Kids ’90s lineup.

Forget Magneto, the team behind the Youtube channel Two Minutes To Late Night knows metal. Musician Jordan Olds, a.k.a. Gwarsenio Hall, composed and performed this gnarly medley of the X-Men song and other Fox Kids themes. It includes him playing the title tracks from Bobby’s World, The Tick, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, and Beast Wars.

The only thing this medley is missing is Wolverine ripping through our screen with his claws and smashing his Adamantium skull against our head. (Please don’t do that, hypothetical Logan. Our soft normal skull would not survive.)

A guitarist with black and white face paint appears four times over a recurring image of Rogue from the X-Men animated series
Two Minutes To Late Night/Disney

This heaviest of metal covers is the polar opposite of the last X-Men theme song rendition we told you about. That elegant version features the peaceful sound of cellos. So which do we like better? A track that has us banging our head so hard you’d think we had mutant healing powers? Or the one that sounds like it could turn an opera house into a superhero celebration?

Trick question. We love any reason to hear this song again.

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