Patrick Stewart Seemingly Confirms His DOCTOR STRANGE 2 Appearance

Typically someone confirming news we all know to be 100% true is not particularly noteworthy. But typically we’re not talking about the most popular franchise in the world and a beloved actor finally joining it. So when Sir Patrick Stewart confirms that truly was his voice in the latest Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer it’s a big deal. Because there’s no doubt Professor X is coming to the MCU. And when he does the X-Men leader will be on guard when dealing with Marvel’s sorcerer.

Stewart has been doing the media rounds ahead of Picard season two’s premiere at Paramount+. During which multiple interviewers have asked him about the last trailer for Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. It pretty clearly pointed to a version of Charles Xavier being a member of the MCU’s Illuminati. Until now Stewart’s addressed such questions by going with the classic MCU response of non-denial denials.

But he didn’t even bother keeping up the charade when he appeared on Jake’s Takes with Jake Hamilton. (Which we first learned about at /Film.) After discussing Star Trek, the host asked Stewart the not-so-hypothetical question of how Professor X would react to meeting Doctor Strange. A leading question, sure, but also a good one. Especially since Stewart answered it. According to him Charles Xavier would be cautious around the powerful sorcerer. (The moment in question is around the 6:45 mark.)

Doctor Strangein cuffs and Professor X

That was not apparently idle speculation. Stewart then, finally, confirmed we truly did hear his voice in the Doctor Strange 2 trailer. (Though he said he didn’t think it sounded like him. Which we’re not sure we believe.) The legendary actor then told Hamilton he was astonished at the response his unexpected vocal performance garnered. Considering how many Marvel fans (myself included) screamed, “Oh my god!” when they heard him speaking he wasn’t alone in that feeling.

Now we just need to know what Professor X’s role will be within the MCU. And we’ll have to wait for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to find out. There’s no way he’ll be telling us that before it comes out.

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