We Sent Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon to His First Ever Comic Con

There are certain things you get to do on the floor of every Comic Con. You’re guaranteed to come across some great cosplayers, to get a chance to check out works from amazing artists, to find incredible props and costumes from your favorite properties, and to meet your fellow lovers of all things nerdy. But one thing no one has ever done at any con anywhere is hang out with the Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon. Until now, that is, because we sent him to this year’s New York Comic Con for his first-ever foray at one of pop culture’s biggest events.

Nerdist Presents da Chef on da floor at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in the Big Apple, where he got to experience exactly why tens of thousands of fans are willing to stand in way-too-long lines in a way-too-crowded room, all while sharing his insights on how different comics and artists have influenced his own work. And we think we have an official convert to the con experience on our hands.

There was definitely a time when the idea of seeing a member of the Wu-Tang Clan at a Comic Con would have sounded insane, but as Raekwon pointed out, the crazy thing is that a group who established their comic book cred at the start of their career took this long to go to one.

But now that he’s seen what the big deal is, we don’t think this will be his only one, and it’s gonna be very cool when more people get to say they met him at their Comic Con.

What other major nerd-loving expo or event should we send Raekwon to next? Tell us in the comments section below the number one spot you’d like to see him show up next.

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