Patty Jenkins Confirms WONDER WOMAN Spin-off for the Amazons

Although Wonder Woman 1984 has been delayed until August, director Patty Jenkins has nevertheless been making the rounds doing interviews promoting the film. One of those interviews was with Total Film magazine (via CBR), to which she confirmed plans to not only direct a third Wonder Woman film, but also to produce the often-rumored Amazons spin-off film. This was the first official confirmation that an Amazons spin-off was in the pipeline.

Amazons run into battle with swords.

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Jenkins doubled down on the fact that she would produce but not direct, stating, “I’m not going to direct it, hopefully. I’m going to try really hard not to. It’s not going to be easy.” She added, “Geoff Johns and I came up with the story, and we sold the pitch, and we’re going to get it going. I’ll produce it, for sure.” This is the first indication that the superstar DC Comics creator would be involved.

Still, Jenkins confirmed that the potential Amazonian film would be part of the larger Wonder Woman film narrative. According to the director, “There’s an arc that I have in mind for the first movie, and then the second movie, and then the Amazon movie, and then the third movie.” The Amazons, including Diana’s mother Queen Hippolyte (Connie Nielsen) and her sister Antiope (Robin Wright) do return for a flashback sequence in Wonder Woman 1984; the scene was briefly glimpsed in the trailer.

Amazons ride armored horses into battle.

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Aside from their big action scene in Justice League, however, we really have no idea what the mythological warriors have been up to in the present day. This film could prove to be the perfect opportunity to give them a proper story outside of the context of Diana’s journey.

Of course, the entire movie could also take place in the distant past, and give us a female-focused swords and sandals epic in the vein of 300. But they could also be very bold, and take the Amazons into the future. There, they could have advanced technology that reflected the original Wonder Woman comics of the 1940s. When it comes to DC Comics’ proudest warriors, the storyline options are limitless.

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