DC Comics Brings Wonder Woman and Serena Williams Together in New Comic

Serena Williams, incredible human, legendary tennis player, and… Wonder Woman? It makes sense. In a recent ad campaign for DIRECTV STREAM, Williams has embodied the superhero. Instead of wielding the Lasso of Truth, Williams saves the day with a tennis racket, impressive skills, and a fierce attitude. And her role as Wonder Woman is expanding! DC Comics, Critical Mass, and DIRECTV are bringing Wonder Woman and Serena Williams together in a new digital comic, Serving Up Justice: Featuring Serena Williams and Wonder Woman.

Serena Williams as Wonder Woman on the cover of the Serving Up Justice comic book cover


DIRECTV will release the comic in four chapters with the first installment dropping today. Serving Up Justice has a killer creative team, too. Amanda Deibert is writing. We have Cat Staggs on illustrations, Dave McCaig coloring, and Josh Reed lettering. The synopsis for Chapter One of the Wonder Woman and Serena Williams mashup is as follows:

Serena Williams’ grand slam tournament turns into the competition of her lifetime when a sudden robot invasion interrupts the match. As she uses her tennis skills to try to protect innocent people from these overzealous invaders, she discovers a rift in the multiverse and someone who looks a lot like her… or an alternate version of Wonder Woman?

Robot invasion? The multiverse? We’re glad to see this comic isn’t holding back. Bring on silly comic book goodness, please.

This campaign has a Twitter component that kicks off in conjunction with the comic release. If fans share what they think about this dynamic duo on Twitter using the hashtag #DIRECTV or #GetYourTVTogether, they’ll trigger an #EpicSerena custom Twitter emoji.

Serving Up Justice: Featuring Serena Williams and Wonder Woman launches today at DIRECTV. Stay tuned to that site for the remaining three chapters of the story.

Amy Ratcliffe is the Managing Editor for Nerdist and the author of A Kid’s Guide to Fandom, available now. Follow her on  Twitter and Instagram.

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