WONDER WOMAN 1984 Post-Credits Scene Explained

One of the big reveals of Wonder Woman 1984 is the story behind Diana’s golden armor. In the original comics, it originated in the alternate future world of Kingdom Come. The new film reveals it as the property of an ancient Amazon named Asteria. It is she, according to legend, who stays behind in Man’s World, so the Amazonian race can get away to Themyscira. Asteria is never heard from again. Diana tells Steve Trevor she searched the globe for her, only finding her armor.

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But in the mid-credits scene of Wonder Woman 1984, we discover that Asteria is alive and well, and living in the modern world. In fact, none other than TV’s original Diana Prince, Lynda Carter, plays her. But is Asteria an actual character from the pages of DC Comics, or did Patty Jenkins just make her up? Well….yes and no.

Alternate Earth Amazon
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DC Comics

A character named Asteria exists in the comics, but it’s a deep, deep cut. She appears in the 1998 out-of-continuity comic book Elseworld’s Finest: Supergirl and Batgirl. That story showcases an alternate Earth where the main champions are Supergirl and Batgirl, and not their male counterparts. That world’s preeminent super team was the Justice Society of America. Earth 1098’s JSA showcases some familiar names, yet there was one powerful looking lady on the roster no one had seen before. Her name was Asteria.

While we know little about her in the story, it seems likely that she is another Amazon warrior. She certainly looks the part. But outside of this one appearance on Earth-1098, Asteria never shows up in another comic book again. Above is an image from her one and only appearance in the Elseworld’s Finest comic.

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It is likely that Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns simply pulled the name out of a hat. This is similar to how Superman: The Movie’s General Zod is named after another Phantom Zone villain in the comics, yet looks and acts nothing like him. Zod is just a cool name the producers took a shine to. But it seems likely that Asteria is teed up for much more in a potential third Wonder Woman film.

Recent Hints
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There is evidence that DC Comics has plans to introduce a different Asteria in the pages of the comics. Just two years ago, Wonder Woman mentioned an ancient Amazon warrior by that name in a Justice League event comic called Drowned Earth. Diana tells Aquaman about an Amazon of old, a warrior named Asteria whose deeds became legendary. An “ancient sister who fought against the gods.” Diana even names her trusty eagle companion after Asteria. We don’t see the character, but the fact they chose that name is very telling. It indicates they have plans.

Asteria’s Future
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Just having Asteria brought to life by the legendary Lynda Carter is what really makes her so cool of course. They could have called her character Sally Jenkins and we would have been ok with that!  While we still hope we get to see Lynda suit up again as the original Wonder Woman on an alternate Earth in the Flash movie, we would also love to see her continue playing Asteria. Seeing her and Diana team up against a villain like Circe would be the bee’s knees. Here’s hoping Patty Jenkins and Warner Brothers makes this a reality.

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