WONDER WOMAN 1984’s First Reactions Say It’s Worth the Wait

It didn’t seem likely for most of 2020, but audiences will get to see Wonder Woman 1984 this year… just not the way any of us expected. Originally set to be one of summer’s biggest blockbusters, COVID-19 has delayed its premiere repeatedly. Now director Patty Jenkins’ followup to her 2017 hit will be coming to HBO Max on Christmas Day. Can it live up the extended hype and anticipation? And will the move from the big screen to our television sets hurt the experience? We don’t know about the latter yet. But based on the first glowing critical reactions to the movie, its story, characters, and heart will make it worth the wait no matter where or how you watch it.

Warner Bros. gave some very lucky critics a chance to finally screen the movie. That included Nerdist‘s own managing editor, Amy Ratcliffe who says that it’s exactly the movie we all need right now.

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She wasn’t the only one who felt that way either.

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Fans of the Richard Donner Superman films should be extra excited about what to expect.

Some were completely overwhelmed by the movie.

There was also tons of praise for the film’s villains, played by Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig.

No real surprise here—the movie’s two stars were also pretty good.

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Even the “harshest” reactions sound pretty positive.

Wonder Woman 1984 may not have come out in the midst of a summer blockbuster season. And we may have to settle for watching it at home on HBO Max as opposed to on the big screen. But based on these first reactions it, sounds like Wonder Woman 1984 will have been worth the wait no matter when, where, and how we watch it.

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Image: Warner Bros.

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