Amy Adams Witnesses a Murder in THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW Trailer

One consequence of a year spent under the demands of a pandemic: a dramatic upswing in Rear Window-like fantasies. (How many of us didn’t spend more than a few nights in 2020 glaring across the alleyway? Waiting, with an even mix of hope and dread, to witness something shocking?) As such, we’re intrigued by The Woman in the Window, based on the 2018 novel by A.J. Finn (a.k.a. Dan Mallory). The film will follow the fallout of a woman witnessing, through her brownstone window, a murder across the street. But that only scratches the surface of this high-concept new thriller. Take a look at the first trailer.

The first thing you’ll notice about The Woman in the Window: the stacked cast. Amy Adams leads the show as pathologically housebound Anna Fox; Julianne Moore plays her neighbor-turned-friend and the possible victim of the possible murder that Anna possibly witnesses. (I use all those qualifiers as the trailer promises that not everything is as it seems.) The trailer also gives us glimpses of costars Gary Oldman, Brian Tyree Henry, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Wyatt Russell; not to mention this miraculous feline specimen:

A fluffy white cat sits on a table.


Beyond the all-star lineup, The Woman in the Window’s first tease boasts a proverbial Russian doll of twists. If you’ve read the novel, or even the New Yorker profile on author Mallory, you know this isn’t false advertising. In fact, The Woman in the Window looks like a worthy next entry in the pulpy thriller genre that’s come to thrive anew in the second half of the 2010s. We’re eager to dive into it as soon as it hits Netflix later this spring.

Amy Adams glares out a window in The Woman in the Window.


Director Joe Wright (of Pride & Prejudice and Hanna fame) helms the film from a script by the great writer/actor Tracy Letts.

The Woman in the Window comes to Netflix on May 14.

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