Wolverine Has a Close Shave with Evil Barbers in Fan Film

Wolverine isn’t just one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. He’s also one of the hairiest. Give or take a Beast here, and a Sasquatch there. But even the most proudly hairy hero needs some good grooming now and again. In this new fan film, Close Shave, we see what happens when a retired Logan decides to start life over in the UK, only to wind up in the worst barber shop for mutants in the world.

This off-kilter X-Men fan film was written and directed by Mahmut Akay, and you can watch it in its entirety down below:

This short film begins in what looks like an extremely swanky barber shop. Unfortunately for Wolvie, this barber shop employees are a bunch of anti-mutant supremacists. Realizing the gentleman about to sit in their chair is the notorious Wolverine himself, they foolishly decide to try to take him out. While they seem to be very aware of the feral X-Man’s extremely large kill count, they somehow seem to not know about his mutant healing factor. Because if they had, stabbing him with whatever they have lying around the shop would have come off as a really bad idea.

Wolverine Fan Film Has Our Hairy Hero Trying to Get a Shave_1

Mahmut Akay

If you’ve ever watched a single X-Men film, cartoon, or read any Wolverine comics in your day, then you pretty much know how this ends for the boys in the barbershop. It’s really hard to feel sorry for them, even though meeting your end by Logan’s claws is maybe not the best way for anyone to go. But this is what happens when you poke the bear. All Logan wanted was a nice clean shave, some way for him to look pretty for Jean Grey, and racist humans had to go an ruin that for him too. Humans are jerks, man.

Featured Image: Mahmut Akay

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