Ryan Reynolds Freaks Will Ferrell Out on SNL

Will Ferrell seems like the last person in the world who would get flustered while performing in Studio 8H. He starred on Saturday Night Live for seven seasons, where he was one of the most cast members ever. Before this past weekend, he had already hosted four times, too. Plus, this is the guy who wore “patriotic underwear” on the show after 9/11. His fifth time as host should have been a walk in the park with a resume like that. But it turns out even the biggest stars in the world can be thrown off their game by another famous celebrity—especially a celeb with a handsome face. Not even Will Ferrell can focus on the task at hand when Ryan Reynolds is sitting just a few feet away, like he was during Ferrell’s hysterical monologue.


Ferrell’s inauguration into SNL‘s Five-Timers Club didn’t get off to such a hot start when he spotted the Deadpool actor sitting in the front row.  The host spiraled into a giddy mess who couldn’t stop focusing on the super-celeb, despite Reynolds begging to be left alone. It might have been uncomfortable for Reynolds, but it certainly was very funny to watch. Ferrell’s rambling, incoherent nonsense and random singing gave him a chance to be extra silly and awkward. That’s always a great recipe for success on SNL. The best part though came when his nervousness caused him to start doing his Tracy Morgan impression. (We are here, now and forever, for all impressions of Tracy Morgan.) That led to Morgan himself coming out on stage, for what turned into the weirdest part of the segment.

The former cast member and 30 Rock star was just one of the many big names to cameo in the over-sized episode. Woody Harrelson, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Larry David, and Alec Baldwin also performed. Even Reynolds, who it turns out was not simply there to enjoy the show, also made an appearance on Weekend Update. He played the overcompensating “Guy Who Knows the Owner” opposite Alex Moffat’s “Guy Who Just Bought a Boat.”


Hey, uh, Ryan Reynolds hasn’t hosted Saturday Night Live in over 10 years. In what universe does that make sense? Let’s make it happen, and soon.

Despite all the big names and two political sketches, the standout segment of the episode turned out to be a super silly one about the making of a Bertucci’s commercial. Kate McKinnon and Will Ferrell starred as the insecure parents of a family chosen to appear in a promo for the chain.


Kate McKinnon is our greatest natural resource. Unfortunately, some day she’s going to leave the show, like every cast member not named Kenan Thompson eventually does. When she does we’re going to miss her, like we still miss seeing Will Ferrell every week.

But then she’ll come back and host and we’ll all feel better. Only, maybe make sure no one too famous is sitting in the audience when she does. Clearly, it’s unnerving for even the best SNL stars.

Featured Image: NBC

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