Why You Should Start With Bulbasaur

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Bulbasaur gets a bit of a bad rap. If you don’t believe me, just check out the Urban Dictionary definition of Bulbasaur. So why should you even pick Bulbasaur when you play Pokemon? After all, being both grass and poison typed means that Bulbasaur doesn’t really have any moves against a flying, bug, fire, ice, grass, or poison-type Pokemon. That doesn’t really make him sound like a viable option, and it certainly makes him seem pretty useless. But you should give Bulbasaur another shot:

Rockstar at the Gyms

Bulbasaur isn’t perfect, but there is no denying that it can cause some serious damage and has a pretty sizable advantage against the first few gym leaders.

Bulbasaur is effective against water and rock-type Pokemon.

Sure, the list of Pokemon that Bulbasaur isn’t great at fighting is pretty long, but B can do some pretty huge damage against a water or rock-type–which happen to be incredibly common types. These guys can also present real problems without super-effective moves.

Pretty Sweet Moves

Once you reach Venusaur, Razor Leaf always delivers a critical hit. Even better, Razor Leaf causes severe harm to anything grass-based. With moves like Vine Whip and Solar Beam, Bulbasaur can most certainly hold its own in battle.

Great for Beginners

While Bulbasaur might not be the most flashy of the Pokemon, it is great for beginning players. Why? It’s got immunity to the poison status, it is solid in the gyms, and its attacks are solid. Bulbasaur is great to help ease new players into the game, as Bulbasaur evolves more quickly and is one of the easiest Pokemon to care for.

Despite being often overshadowed by other Pokemon like Charmander, Bulbasaur remains one of the most highly underrated Pokemon out there. Bulbasaur kicks butt in the gyms, it can do serious damage against water and rock-types, and it is the best Pokemon out there to teach new players about the amazing world of Pokemon. If you search around message boards you’ll see tons of people singing the praises of Bulbasaur, talking about having Bulbasaur as their first Pokemon, and talking about how awesome Bulbasaur is. Bulbasaur is actually a skilled and valuable Pokemon to have on your team.

What do you think of Bulbasaur? What are some of your favorite un-sung heroes of Pokemon? Let’s talk about it in the comments! 

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