Inside Look at WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS’ Guest Stars

If What We Do in the Shadows were a baseball pitcher, no one in the dugout would be talking to it right now. So far, the FX series is throwing a perfect game in its second season, as every week it delivers an absolutely flawless episode. A big reason the show has been so stellar is that it has featured an incredible run guest stars. Some huge names have joined our favorite brood of Long Island blood suckers (and Colin Robinson) this year. And in a new behind-the-scenes video the series’ stars explain why they are just as impressed by these big name cameos as we are.

Because even when you’re an ancient vampire, it’s impossible not to be a nerd when you stand opposite Mark Hamill and pretend to have a lightsaber battle.

What We Do in the Shadows kicked off its second season with Haley Joel Osment as Topher, the group’s new familiar. It was a completely insane performance on a completely insane show. It was also an amazing harbinger of things to come. The MCU’s Benedict Wong also guest starred in that episode as a flamboyant necromancer who brought Topher back to life… kinda. At least some part of Topher was still inside that zombie husk.

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This season has also featured Craig Robinson. The Office star has played an eager vampire hunter who leads a group Guillermo accidentally joined. It’s been one of the best running subplots, since “Gizmo” learned he’s an ancestor of famed vampire hunter Van Helsing.

But the best cameo came in the most recent episode. Mark Hamill played Jim the Vampire, an ancient creature of the night with a grudge against Laszlo. It was an incredible episode from start to finish, but the highlight for Matt Berry came when the two squared off holding pool cues like lightsabers. Was that super geeky? Yeah. Was it super amazing. Obviously.

Just like the whole season has been. It’s been a perfect year of television so far. But since vampires are superstitious maybe don’t mention it to them or their incredible guest stars.

Featured Image: FX

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