First Look at Mark Hamill on WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS

What We Do in the Shadows is one of the best movies of the 21st century. And FX’s spin-off has quickly become one of the best sitcoms on television—especially during its stellar second season, which is currently airing. The show about vampires living in New York City has been absolutely killer since it returned last month. It’s been so fantastic, it’s hard to imagine how it could possibly top what we’ve already seen. At least, it was until the first image of an upcoming guest appearance was released. Because it doesn’t matter how good the show has already been, everything is better when Mark Hamill shows up as an ancient vampire with a grudge.

Entertainment Weekly revealed the first look at Hamill on the show. He will play a very old vampire who holds a grudge against Matt Berry’s Laszlo. Hamill—sporting fangs, an elaborate cape, and absolutely absurd long white hair—will appear on the May 13 episode “On the Run.” He’ll star as vampire from Laszlo’s past who shows up without warning to “settle a personal debt.”

We don’t know much about the character yet except that he’s very old and very dangerous. Dangerous enough that Laszlo goes into hiding to escape him.

First Look at Mark Hamill on WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS_1FX

Hamill’s appearance on the show has been one of the season’s most anticipated moments since his cameo was first announced in January. We said at the time that we hoped he’d be playing an ancient vampire. But we couldn’t have predicted how amazing he would look as one. We’re also huge fans anytime Luke Skywalker gets to embrace his Dark Side to play a villain. There’s a reason he’s our all-time favorite Joker and made for such a great Skeksis on Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

He also has a great sense of humor. All of which makes him the perfect choice to guest star on a show he also says he loves as much as we do.

We just hope his vampire survives to come back in season three. What’s the only thing that can top Mark Hamill on What We Do in the Shadows? More Mark Hamill on the show.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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