Jackie Daytona Beckons Emmy Voters to the SHADOWS

One of television’s best shows gave us a name that will live in infamy: Jackie Daytona, regular human bartender. What We Do in the Shadow‘s Laszlo fled his Staten Island home when an ancient vampire, played by Mark Hamill, came to collect an old debt. To remain hidden, Laszlo took up the identity of a local bartender and supporter of the girl’s high school volleyball team. Everything about the absurd story was absolutely perfect. And now we have an all new way to appreciate that memorable bar, with a local commercial for Jackie Daytona’s watering hole.

Because “when you want to drink regular human alcohol with your regular human friends, there’s only one place to go”—Lucky Brew’s.

FX has given us one of the best “for your consideration” promos ever ahead of this year’s Emmy voting. It’s an ad for the best bar in Clairton, Pennsylvania, Lucky Brew’s. (Yes, that is the “correct,” genius spelling for the pub). Jackie Daytona’s tavern has more to offer up than just human vodka, human gin, and human Drambuie. There are billiards tables, wings of chicken, and “genuine Arizonian nay-cho chips.” And as a special bonus, virgins drink free!

Jackie Dayton's Regular Human Bar Gets its Own Commercial_1FX

Matt Berry’s Jackie Daytona and What We Do in the Shadows continue to be a rare ray of sunshine in 2020. (Just keep it away from Laszlo, lest he dies in a fiery blaze). And that’s why we need more of that barkeep.

Starting with all of the Lucky Brew’s merchandise, which we need yesterday.

Jackie Dayton's Regular Human Bar Gets its Own Commercial_2FX

Also, give us a Lucky Brew’s mini web series spin-off where locals go to Jackie for advice. We’re already working on our parody Cheers theme for it. Regular human lyrics for Lucky Brew’s regular human bartender, a place where everybody knows the name Jackie Daytona.

Featured Image: FX

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