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What Do THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 3 Episode Titles Mean?

If you tuned into Geeked Week on Monday, perhaps you noticed a common theme in the broadcast’s rolling comments section. Fans wanted to hear updates about The Umbrella Academy. Alas, these deets-starved viewers had to wait until the second day of the weeklong extravaganza. But those with a knack for theorizing got exactly what they desired. The Umbrella Academy series creator Steve Blackman visited the stream to share the titles for season three’s 10 episodes. And just about every one of them is a thinker.

Here is the full season’s batch of episode titles. Feel empowered to spend sleepless nights pondering their meaning, at least until the season actually drops. (No word just yet on when exactly that’ll be. But hopefully soon, for the sake of our collective REM.)

301: Meet the Family
302: World’s Biggest Ball of Twine
303: Pocket Full of Lightning
304: Kugelblitz
305: Kindest Cut
306: Marigold
307: Auf Wiedersehen
308: Wedding at the End of the World
309: Six Bells
310: Oblivion

So what can we make of any of this? Well, some are certainly more benign than others. But a few do indeed stand out. Blackman leaned heavily on the mysterious nature of the second episode, “World’s Biggest Ball of Twine.” But our eyes go straight to episode four’s “Kugelblitz.”

Two members of the Umbrella Academy hold up a third.


On the stream, Blackman danced around the definition of the esoteric word; it’s actually a science term that refers to a concentration of light, heat, or radiation so intense that it becomes self-trapped, forming a black hole. So might one such phenomenon come into play in The Umbrella Academy? And if so, will it have something to do with Vanya’s powers?

Next, we notice episode six, “Marigolds.” Of course, we know that as the moniker for the energy source that gave the siblings their powers. So we’re wondering if a backstory of sorts is in order there? Finally, the finale: “Oblivion,” which could well refer to Hotel Oblivion, a prison created to house the siblings’ enemies.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll be thinking about this until season three finally drops!

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