Weird Al Spoofs HAMILTON In This Polka Parody

Hamilton is a Tony-winning, critically acclaimed, historically popular Broadway smash hit. And it shows no sign of slowing down. But we knew it officially “made it” when the musical received the highest honor that can be bestowed on any work of art: It got it’s own Weird Al Yankovic polka cover.

The new filmed version of the stage show on Disney+ didn’t have to wait very long to reach the highest echelon of musical tribute. Weird Al has released a video for his “Hamilton Polka” featuring footage from the film.

Weird Al’s polka medleys of pop songs are always standouts on his albums. But in 2018 he dedicated an entire polka track just to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical. It’s excellent and the Hamilton soundtrack should include it as a bonus.

Now it has a music video worthy of its brilliance. Weird Al has edited together the corresponding clips from Disney+’s recording of the stage show, which features the original Broadway cast, to match his polka medley  It’s a perfect way to enjoy both the show and Weird Al’s amazing rendition.


This video, which speeds up the actual footage, highlights just how insanely fast Weird Al can sing and play. Lin-Manuel Miranda fit an impossible amount of lyrics into his show compared to other Broadway musicals. The actual Hamilton show is like a speeding bullet. It’s as though a young Meatloaf shot adrenaline directly into his heart before hitting the stage to sing about the American Revolution. Yet Weird Al is out here doing Daveed Diggs‘ absurdly fast performance even quicker.

Miranda and Jimmy Fallon both went nuts during that section the first time they heard the “Hamilton Polka.”

Are we going to rewatch Hamilton on Disney+ again? Yes, of course. Many, many times. But repeated viewings by millions of loyal fans is only the second-best tribute it will receive.

Featured Image: Disney+

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