WEDNESDAY First Look Images Reveal Our New Addams Family

Netflix’s upcoming Wednesday series may focus on the iconic Wednesday Addams, but this Tim Burton-created show is a family affair. We can’t have Wednesday without the rest of the Addams family around her, causing mayhem and bringing the glamor and scares. And though we’ve glimpsed Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in the first teases for the show, we hadn’t yet gotten a full family portrait until now. Courtesy of Vanity Fair, here’s our first look at our new Addams family.

Wednesday‘s First Look Images of the Addams Family

In these new images, we get to see the whole Addams family gathered. In addition to Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday, Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Morticia Addams. Luis Guzmán plays Gomez Addams. And Isaac Ordonez plays little brother Pugsley Addams. And they all look exceptional in their Wednesday costumes, capturing the vibes of the classic Addams family and bringing them to life for today. Of course, we’re still missing Uncle Fester. But on that, creator Alfred Gough is deathly silent. He says, “We have no comment on Uncle Fester…Just watch the show.” Fair enough.

Wednesday‘s Family-Centric Plot

We do learn a bit more about what we can expect from this Addams Family outing, though. “The ambition for the show was to make it an 8-hour Tim Burton movie,” shares creator Miles Millar. He adds of the show, “It’s something that lives within the Venn diagram of what happened before, but it’s its own thing. It’s not trying to be the movies or the ’60s TV show.”

According to the article, the series centers around “a number of murders that plague the small town where Wednesday has been sent to Nevermore Academy, a prestigious boarding school for outcasts.” But Wednesday doesn’t mind the death and decay, she actually welcomes them. What really scares her is feelings. And it sounds like her relationship with her mother Morticia will be central to the Netflix show.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams from the upcoming Netflix Addams Family show

But despite Wednesday’s gloominess and her love for the macabre, her family ties are strong. She will defend her brother against bullies, though she torments him herself. And is protective.

Ultimately, Miller shares of Wednesday‘s Addams family, “Every family is weird, and this one happens to be extremely weird, but they love each other…And that’s ultimately what it’s about. They always have each other’s backs, and that’s unconditional love.”

We don’t yet know when Wednesday will arrive on Netflix, but we are crossing our fingers it releases sometime close to Halloween. In the meanwhile, we can’t wait to see more sneak peeks of the show, especially of Christina Ricci in costume as “an exciting new character.”

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