Watch the JUSTICE LEAGUE’S Top Ten Greatest Moments

It’s Wednesday, which means new comics at your local comic shop, and your mid-week edition of Comics Relief! Lets start of today’s column with a handy little video showing fans just what the Justice League’s greatest moments are in the team’s long history. Read on for all the details.

DC counts down the Justice League’s greatest moments

The Justice League is getting set for a big 2017, with not only a new animated series coming from Cartoon Network called Justice League Action, but their first live-action incarnation on the big screen as well. Now DC All Access is counting down the League’s top ten most incredible moments in the comics. Three of them are from Grant Morrison’s seminal run on JLA from 1996-2000, but there are several more memorable moments from other notable runs as well. You can watch the entire video above.

DC All-Access Announces 8-hour live-streaming event

Speaking of DC All Access, the web series is planning on celebrating their one millionth subscriber by having an 8-hour live streaming event on September 2. Expect lots of news about upcoming DC Rebirth titles that have yet to be announced, plus interviews with creators from the various new titles. The marathon programming block will be led by DC All Access hosts Tiffany Smith and Jason Inman.“Now, more than ever, we’re committed to bringing unique, entertaining stories about all things DC to our fans. The first-ever DC All Access all-day live stream event is a thank you to our fans for their support,” said Paul Malmont, DC’s director of digital marketing content. While some are expecting movie/TV news galore, I think the focus will be on the comic books side of things, so all you comics fans, you might consider taking that day off and parking your butt in front of your computer all day. [ Hollywood Reporter]

Marvel Celebrates Jack Kirby’s 99th Birthday with first ever Kirby Week

Jack Kirby co-created (or just created, depending on who you ask) a large majority of the big names of the Marvel Universe pantheon. Yet for years, his estate and Marvel were on the outs, until a few years back when Marvel paid the Kirby estate an undisclosed sum of money, and now everyone is cozy again. To celebrate this new coziness (not to mention all the great work for “the King,” as he was known) Marvel has announced a Jack Kirby week-long event, which will run on Marvel’s website from August 22 to August 28, the day which would have been Kirby’s 99th birthday.

In a statement from Marvel, the publisher said “During Kirby Week, fans will get to explore how Jack Kirby brought his creative genius to the Marvel Universe through several articles devoted to ‘The King’ himself.” More articles and podcasts are said to be coming from people like Kirby’s son, Neal, as well as comic book historian Peter Sanderson. Hopefully they will have even bigger plans when Jack Kirby’s 100th b-day rolls around next year. [ Newsarama]

Catwoman returns in Election Night special

Although she wasn’t one of the characters to get another solo title after the New 52 ended and DC Rebirth began, Catwoman will return in November for an Election Day special. The comic by Meredith Finch and Shane Davis will see Catwoman getting involved with Gotham’s mayoral election.

Most importantly, the special will contain the 12-page finale to the Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell‘s comic book about a teenage POTUS named  Prez, rather than the promised second series of six issues. You can see the cover for the Catwoman: Election Night one-shot above, which will hit stores on November 2. [ Bleeding Cool]

Colleen Doran teams up with Neil Gaiman for Troll Bridge

A Distant Soil creator Colleen Doran has worked with Neil Gaiman in the past, most notably on Sandman. Now Doran is teaming up with Gaiman once again in October with an adaptation of the dark fable Troll Bridge from Dark Horse Comics. The short story first appeared in the anthology Snow White, Blood Red back in 1993, and has also appeared in two collections of Gaiman’s short prose fiction. The folks at Comic Book Resources have a ton of preview art for the new graphic novel, which you can view by clicking on this link: [ CBR]

New Iron Man changes her name to Ironheart, because someone realized the character is a woman

It wasn’t that long ago that Marvel announced a new person would be wearing the world famous Iron Man armor instead of Tony Stark, and that person would be a genius African-American teenager named Riri Williams. Well, turns out, even though Riri Williams will take over the Invincible Iron Man title, she’ll actually be going by the name Ironheart instead for her superheroic persona.

Considering we all know that eventually Tony Stark will return to the role at some point in the future, maybe it’s smart to just admit it from the get go and have Riri Williams go by a different name. You can read our full story on the new Ironheart by clicking on the following link: [ Nerdist]

See All 4 Covers for issue #1 of the Batman: Animated Series/TMNT Crossover

The Bruce Timm animated version of the Dark Knight from Batman: The Animated Series and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ruleed ’90s kids afternoon television, so it makes sense that these versions of the characters should crossover in comic book form. Announced a few months back as coming from IDW Comics from the TMNT: Amazing Adventures creative team of writer Matthew K. Manning and artist by Jon Sommariva, Batman/TMNT Adventures sees members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery come to New York City, the Ninja Turtles’ home base. The first issue hits in November, and you can see the first four variant covers in our gallery down below. [ CBR]

What’s this? The Justice League Dark movie is back in the cards

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Images: DC Comics / Marvel Comics / IDW Comics / Dark Horse Comics

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