Watch Mangled ‘Teslamino’ Truck Drift, Crash, Die

Writer’s note: If you’d prefer to just jump to this Teslamino drifting its guts out, start the video around eight minutes in. 

Everybody’s been asking for an El Camino version of the Tesla Model S, so we should be thankful that it’s finally here, right?! No, wait. Nobody has ever asked for an El Camino version of anything, which means the gnarled, obviously unsafe “Teslamino” in the clip below is really only good for one thing: drifting, crashing, and then falling apart until it dies.

In the video, which comes via Futurism, Eddy Borysewicz (who worked with car conversion company EV West on this project) shows off a Tesla Model S with its back roof completely chopped off, effectively turning into an electric sedan version of the aforementioned Chevrolet classic that was discontinued back in ’87. Aside from the deleted rear roof, the mangled Model S also features a long stick with a chicken on top of it in the cabin, as well as sliced Huggies diaper boxes used as small, slanted side panels.

Borysewicz says in the video that he and the owner of EV West took on the project as “kind of a joke” because there aren’t any electric trucks currently on the market. To make it all happen, Borysewicz and co. grabbed a salvaged Model S that was destined for the scrapyard and turned it into the crap-sterpiece of automotive engineering you see before you.

And for those scoffing at the Teslamino as a simple ripoff of Simone Giertz’s “Truckla,” don’t be so quick to decide who influenced whom. According to the blurb underneath the Teslamino YouTube video, “this is actually the first ever Truckla.” Considering the fact that there’s an EV West post about the Teslamino that was put up about three months before Giertz’s Truckla video, that indeed may be the case.

What do you think about the Teslamino? Is it great to see people being creative with salvaged cars or should beautiful Teslas never be subjected to this kind of metallic surgery? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Hoonigan Daily Transmission

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