Queen of Crappy Robots Builds World’s First Tesla Pickup Truck

We’ve seen Elon Musk make sci-fi dreams a reality, when SpaceX successfully landed the world’s first reusable orbital rocket. He even sent a car into space for the coolest intergalactic road trip ever. And he nearly destroyed his entire career because he couldn’t stop tweeting. But there’s one thing he’s never been able to do: Build a Tesla pickup truck. For that you need ingenuity, gumption, and a whole lot of experience building the shittiest robots around.

The queen of engineering malpractice and one of our favorite YouTubers, Simone Giertz, has returned with her most ambitious build ever, and this time it doesn’t (intentionally) suck. She took a brand new, standard range Tesla Model 3 and converted it into a pickup truck that still looks very much like a Tesla.

Meet the Truckla.

An electric pickup truck that also looks stylish and modern? That’s an automobile that would not be hard for car salesmen to move, so we doubt it will be all that long before we see Tesla selling their own official versions. We’re also pretty sure they won’t just take normal Teslas and cut out the back side so they can put in a pickup flatbed, but when you’re used to making shitty robots you do what you got to do.

That makes it sound like this isn’t crazy impressive though, which it obviously is. It took a massive amount of work and creativity from a whole slew of skills professionals, which Giertz showed off in this behind-the-scenes video where she chronicled all of the people who helped her transform this car into an attractive and working pickup.

“We’re winging it.”

Simone Giertz is the best. She’s also the second best.

Even though she still has a lot of work she would like to have done on her Truckla, she could easily sell this right now for a nice profit. Know who should buy it? Elon Musk. That guy has done a lot, but he’s never made a Tesla pickup.

Featured Image: Simone Giertz

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