Watch Fireflies Glow Inside of Frogs ‘Cause Nature Is Lit

Everybody remember the time Fry ate Emperor Bont the Viscous and his belly glowed with his dinner?

Or that time the Cyclophage ate Bender and his neck started glowing because of that high-energy bomb in his throat (inside Bender)? It actually turns out there’s a pretty good real-life correlate for that kind of cartoonish scenario, and it occurs when frogs eat fireflies. Thank you nature. Also, why does Futurama love to have people glow after they’ve eaten things?

The clip above, which comes via Geekologie, was posted to YouTube by RM Videos, and unfortunately there’s not much information available regarding where the clip was shot, or why exactly frogs eat fireflies. Seriously, we scoured the Internet trying to find some weird and specific biological reason frogs would do this, and couldn’t find squat. They’re probably just, y’know, eating them.

Why, here’s another video of frogs eating fireflies now posted by YouTube channel Kids Toys Fun and Games. It’s not quite as insane ’cause you don’t see the frog’s veins light up with its glowing belly treasure, but still, how often do you get to see frogs with little living bioluminescent lamp prey (get it?!) in their stomachs? Almost never, probably.

What are your thoughts on these frogs and their bellies full of still-living fireflies? Have you ever seen anything like this before, or is this a completely new nature fact that you’re going to bust out with the next time you’re hanging out talking amphibians? Let us know in the comments, people! And don’t drink any emperors, dang it!

Images: YouTube / RM Videos

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