WANDAVISION Reactions Call It a Bold Return for the MCU

Last year’s MCU backlog means we’ll be up to Hulk’s neck in new material in 2021. The festivities kick off with something original: the first TV show led by Kevin Feige and the movie side of Marvel, WandaVision. The series sees Scarlett Witch and Vision living a bizarre retro-sitcom-style life; and it looks like the most surreal, weirdest entry in the MCU yet. Will such a strange approach work though? And will Marvel’s success on the big screen translate to the small? Based on initial reactions from critics who have watched the first three episodes, the answer to both questions is a resounding yes.

Poster for Wandavision.

Marvel Studios

Marvel has delivered something that will appeal to comic book readers, fans of the two main characters, and lovers of vintage TV.

Nerdist‘s own Hector Navarro wasn’t the only one who thinks the series’ unusual format works to create something different and exciting. Many shared that exact sentiment.

Some critics think that breaking the usual Marvel format could be the way forward for the entire franchise.

It sounds like viewers will have a whole lot to digest and dissect from a series with so many layers to it.

There’s also plenty of praise for the show’s cast, including lots of adulation for Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. And MCU newcomer Kathryn Hahn is also earning a heaping of accolades as their wacky neighbor. (Not that we’re surprised.)

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One of the few potential “issues” raised was that some viewers who are unfamiliar with the classic sitcom format might not understand certain elements of the show.

If that’s the biggest “problem” with WandaVision then the MCU’s return is going to be worth the wait.

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